First Steps Daycare Opens House Submitted: 01/06/2013
RHINELANDER - A new daycare will soon debut in Rhinelander. Saturday, the new business previewed with an Open House. Families brought their kids in to get acquainted with First Steps Day Care. Parents toured the building while kids took toys for a test drive. Co-owner Trisha Pugh is thinking small as a child care difference-maker. "We would like to see families that promote us because they're so proud of the way that their children are brought here to feel part of the family. We want to stay small, if we were to expand it would be to make smaller centers.

We just think they're cozy, friendly and made right for families. Quality is Pugh's mission. She also wants families to know First Steps Daycare is more than a place to park their kids. "I absolutely love being with children. But I like having families feel safe, and they have someone that they can talk to about raising children. And bounce ideas off about raising children. And I like educating people about childcare." First Steps Childcare opens its doors January 14th. For more information, visit www.wjfw.com

Story By: Ryan Abney

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