Medford students, staff wear blaze orange to protest bullying Submitted: 10/11/2012
MEDFORD - Last week a LaCrosse Anchorwoman was bullied for being overweight. That sparked students at Medford high school to take a stand.

Wednesday, over 140 students and faculty wore blaze orange to school as a protest called UNITE against bullying. October is Anti-Bullying Month.

The students were already preparing to wear blaze orange for tomorrow night's football game against Rhinelander. That was to support the team. But now it's about more than just a football game.

"We hope everyone will wear blaze orange to support anti-bullying, " said Medford senior Cole Quednow. "Rhinelander fans, Medford fans, it doesn't matter. Everyone who wears blaze orange to the football game, you will receive free hot chocolate."

Medford hosts Rhinelander on Friday night. Kickoff is at 7 p.m.

Story By: Joe Dufek

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