New GPS Tracking Law for Restraining Order Violators Submitted: 04/09/2012
RHINELANDER - Victims of abuse might be able to rest a little easier now, with a new law that gives more teeth to restraining orders.

Governor Walker signed the bill today which enables the state Department of Corrections to use GPS monitoring to track violators of restraining orders.

The decision is up to a judge to order the monitoring, and the offender would be on the hook for the $200 price tag.

Local domestic abuse advocate Melissa Dailey says her office sees about 5 restraining order cases a month, and the new law could go a long way toward keeping her clients safe.

"A restraining order, I always tell people, is just a piece of paper...Even though they are not supposed to follow you... It's one of those things that, can you prove it?" says Dailey, a legal advocate with the Tri-County Council on Domestic Violence.

The GPS devices would be used to alert police if violators enter restricted areas under their restraining orders.

However, only those who have already violated an order could be subject to the GPS monitoring.

Story By: Kailey Burton

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