Woman Wins Portage City Council Seat with Two Votes Submitted: 04/09/2012
PORTAGE - A Portage woman has apparently won a seat on the City Council even though she received votes only from herself and her husband.

There were no candidates for the City Council's 7th District seat.

So on a whim, Carolyn Hamre wrote in her own name in Tuesday's election.

She asked her husband to do the same.

There were 11 other write-in votes but each only got one vote.

So Hamre won, at least according to unofficial results.

The election won't be official until the city holds its canvass Monday.

Hamre says it was mostly a joke.

She says she plans to talk with others in town to help her decide whether to accept the position or to defer to another write-in candidate.

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Story By: Associated Press

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