Food A Thon For The Hungry Submitted: 03/30/2012
RHINELANDER - Most people make food pantry donations during Thanksgiving or Christmas, but in Rhinelander the Walmart employees are asking you to help feed families this Easter.

Employees are launching the first annual Food A Thon today to raise money and stock pantry shelves for hungry families in the Northwoods.

Walmart Assistant Manager James Beauchamp says this is an all employee, all volunteer effort to help the community,

"It's exciting to help your neighbors out. You never know, one day maybe you'll be in that situation where you need the help. So it was pretty cool that our employees stepped up to the plate and wanted to do something like this. So I'm very, very happy with our employees."

You can donate either cash, food or if you're dashing in for a quick shopping trip there's another way you can help says Beauchamp, "We also have bags like these here that have dollar amounts on the side so that they can come and purchase them if they're in a hurry and don't have time. They purchase these and go to the counter and pay from there and then they can drop them off outside in our entryway."

The Food A Thon lasts until 8 o'clock Friday night at the Rhinelander Walmart.

Story By: Michael Crusan

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