Rep. Tom Tiffany Considers Senate Run Submitted: 03/02/2012
RHINELANDER - 35th District Rep. Tom Tiffany said he's considering running against State Sen. Jim Holperin in the fall, but there are a lot of factors influencing his decision.

"I'll make a decision in the next month whether I want to run against Sen. Holperin or not. The first consideration for me is my family and my business," Tiffany said during an interview with Newswatch 12 reporter Jenn Sullivan.

The controversy over whether to open an iron mine in northern Wisconsin is what sparked Tiffany's interest in running for State Senate he said.

The Hazelhurst resident, who fully supports the Assembly version of the bill, said Holperin's actions on the mine will weigh heavily on his decision to run.

"Without the mine, we're going to lose the potential for thousands of jobs. This would be the biggest economic development project that has happened in Northern Wisconsin in decades," Tiffany said.

The bill passed in the Assembly last week but without Holperin's support it may not pass in the Senate.

Opponets of the bill argue the mine would damage the area's pristine environment and affect the surrounding ecosystem.

Whatever Tiffany's decision he said he enjoys working in the Assembly and will run again in his district if he decides not to run in the state senate election.

Story By: Jenn Sullivan

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