Phone Scam Targets 'River News' Subscribers Submitted: 02/23/2012
RHINELANDER - A deceptive new scam has hit Rhinelander, and it's calling into area homes under the guise of a local newspaper employee.

Anice Stein got a phone call Wednesday from a "Mike". He was exceptionally polite and offered to renew her subscription to what he called, "The Daily News", a name no longer in use for the local paper.

"I ended up giving him my credit card number so he could charge the price, and the conversation ended, and I thought nothing of it," says Stein.

But Anice didn't want his wonderful customer service to go unnoticed...

"Because he did that, I thought his supervisor should know what a fine worker he was.. I was trying to be nice to this gentleman... Ha, ha," she said.

After hearing the price "Mike" had supposedly charged Anice, The Northwood's River News General Manager, Wendi Ell, knew something was very wrong.

"The red flags that threw up right away to me were the cost of course, previous ownership name, and the fact that we don't currently offer a senior citizen discount," says Ell.

Anice said the man who called knew her name and address, and even gave her a confirmation number.

"It sounded real! Really, real!," she said.

Unfortunately it wasn't real, but luckily for Anice, they caught it right away.

"This does happen to older people, you know. Andů I don't know why, I just got sucked in to giving him my credit card number, without even thinking. Because, you know, we use it online," said Stein.

She wanted to share these words of wisdom for others:

"It's a whole new world out there compared to what it was when I was growing up... Do, not, give, your credit card number, to anybody that calls you on the phone. No matter how nice they sound. Don't do it!"

This is the first instance of a phone scam the River News is aware of. If you receive a similar call they reccommend you hang up, and call them directly. You should also report the scam to the police.

Story By: Kailey Burton

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